Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Squash stabbing and VeganMoFo wrap-up

Happy Halloween!
I stabbed a butternut squash yesterday to have something orange for Halloween. (The color almost matches the VeganMoFo banner.) During Sandy, my boyfriend and I cooked up a storm. Our fridge and freezer are now packed with veggie chili, veggie soup, homemade bread, and baked butternut.    
Baked butternut
Vegan Month of Food 2012 has been great fun. It's inspiring to have this flurry of vegan food awesomeness before the holidays. (It's like preventative kryptonite against The Splendid Table's Turkey Confidential episode.) 

I have discovered some great new-to-me blogs, including a local one on baking, Leaves and Flours, that has been seriously tempting me to buy speculoos spread. Personally, I hit the wall on sweets early. So no Halloween candy this year. 

VeganMoFo has inspired me to: 
  • cook some crazy dishes 
  • bake more
  • dine out
  • shop at local farmers' markets
  • review Sarah Kramer's app
  • invent a recipe
  • taste test my cat's food
  • write 20 posts for the month!    

Next year, my goal is to sign up promptly, in time for the official blogroll. And possibly have a theme. In the meantime, I'm going to continue blogging here, on my various vegan adventures in the District of Columbia.

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