Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meiwah in West End

I recently visited Meiwah Restaurant, located at 1200 New Hampshire Avenue NW, in DC's West End. My boyfriend and I were in the neighborhood for a movie at the nearby indie theater, West End Cinema.

Meiwah is a classic, old-school Chinese restaurant. It is the kind of place where you have to ask for chopsticks. I found this restaurant listed in the Veg DC guide, an essential resource compiled by Compassion Over Killing. The guide recommended this restaurant for having a vegetarian section on the menu. Upon visiting, I noticed that the menu had a "vegetables" section rather than one that was labeled "vegetarian." However the staff helped us to make sure that our dishes would be vegetarian and egg-free.
We started with some appetizers--vegetarian dumplings and veggie spring rolls (pictured on the far left). These appetizers both seemed to have the same veggie mash filling inside them. They came with the standard dipping sauces, including an intense horseradish mustard. I liked the cute soya "bottie" container too. And the restaurant offers brown rice (for an extra charge), which is always a plus!    
For our main dishes we ordered bean curd with mixed vegetables (pictured on the left).  This dish had a "brown sauce" (that was more of a tan color) with a mild ginger-flavor. We also had stir-fried spinach. Both entrĂ©es were nothing special; just what you'd expect as standard Chinese restaurant offerings. 

The ambiance of the restaurant was more interesting than the bland food. It has invitingly retro decor, with celebrity photos on the walls. (In DC, celebrities = mostly politicians.) Overall, if you are looking for vegetarian Chinese food in a comfortable setting before a movie at West End Cinema, this is an option.

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