Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pakha's Thai House: An oasis in Dillsburg, PA

For Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I traveled to Central PA to visit his family. There aren't a lot of vegan-friendly spots on US 15, the highway north from DC. Mainly there are gas stations and bars with names like "Drinkin' Bone." One sparkling oasis on this route is Pakha's Thai House in Dillsburg, PA. We've dined there many times before, often as a halfway meeting point for PA relatives. 

Located at 3 South US Highway 15, Pakha's is well worth braking for, with delightful aromas and a calm, old school ambiance just inside its doors. They also have clean restrooms. (Although the women's room is oddly arranged with two toilets and no individual stall doors. Maybe it is family style?)

This visit we weren't even planning to stop in for lunch, but Pakha's activated its tractor beam pull. We were actually the only people in the restaurant on the holiday afternoon. So the service was speedy and attentive. We started our meal with tofu triangles, perfectly fried and served with a peanut-laden sauce.    
Next we ordered two excellent noodles dishes, our usual picks. Above is the Drunken Noodles; below is the extra soupy Rad Na. Both dishes were mildly spiced, satisfying portions. My boyfriend called this our "pregame meal" for his family's dinner, which I neglected to photograph but was a delicious feast.    

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