Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Green at Pete's APizza

Pete's New Haven Style APizza must be on many recommended DC trip itineraries. (Perhaps because their pizza is a favorite of the Obamas?) My boyfriend and I visited Pete's original location* at 1400 Irving Street NW. This handy spot is located directly above the south exit of the Columbia Heights Metro Station.

*Pete's APizza now has locations in Clarendon and Friendship Heights as well. Silver Spring is coming soon.
On a Saturday night, the place was crowded with hungry tourists, including large groups and families with strollers. Pete's can really pack in the customers around their long, communal tables. There are excellent people-watching opportunities both inside and out, especially if you sit on the high stools by the window.

One remarkable thing about Pete's is their clarity on vegan diets. They even have a chalkboard sign that specifies, "vegan = no animal ingredients." (They also have a wide range of gluten-free options.) On the night we were there there were several vegan antipasti items available. However we went straight for the "apizza."
Here is The Green, a thin crust pizza with artichoke hearts, sauteed spinach, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and Daiya cheese. The pizza comes in 14" and 18" sizes. We opted for the latter and it was extra large. And rather pricey with the vegan cheese surcharge. However it is an artisanal, quality pie that could feed three or four.

The pizza was properly cooked in a high temperature oven that produced a lovely amount of char. The Daiya was melty and the sauce was tangy. The only weak points in terms of the toppings were the tomatoes, which were supposed to be oven-dried but tasted normal. The other veggies were fine but I do wish that The Green was, well, greener in terms of its veggie to vegan cheese ratio.
My boyfriend noticed that Pete's has a tomato pie, which I'm eager to try out. However I think they'll have to hold the pecorino-romano for us. (Traditional tomato pies are commonly cheeseless. This dairy version must be a Connecticut thing. At least the menu warns you in advance.)

Pete's has a great selection of microbrews and wine, plus an affordable happy hour. They also carry some fancy waters and sodas. If you have room for dessert, I'd recommend nearby Sticky Fingers.

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What a great place to pig out...or maybe I should just say that's what I'd do!