Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snack attack from How It All Vegan!

Here are two easy snacks that I made recently from How It All Vegan!, the April VegCookbook Club pick. The poll for the May VegCookbook is now open. I'm crossing my fingers for Dreena Burton's cookbook to win and continue the Canadian trend.

Oi-Vey! Mock Chopped Liver
I prefer to think of this as a nutty mushroom spread, rather than as mock chopped liver. I've never had actual chopped liver before but it is pretty gross to contemplate. For this spread, you sauté mushrooms and onions and then blend that mixture with walnuts, adding salt and pepper to taste.

I decided to cook extra, because I knew the aromatic mushrooms and onions would be hard to resist. (You can spoon this combo directly over toast for a fast fix before blending the remainder.) The walnuts did add a sweet nuttiness to the spread, which took on a pleasant, smooth texture when thoroughly chilled. I served it with some sesame and flax seed crackers.

Chickpea Nibbles
This was another easy snack to prepare, with only one main ingredient--chickpeas--tossed in oil and seasoning. I used Penzey's Forward! salt-free spice blend, which features an "extra bold" black pepper with plenty of kick. The blend also has paprika and turmeric, which gave the chickpeas a reddish hue. I didn't roast these beans for quite as long as the cookbook suggested. I thought a full hour would make them too dry, so I pulled them out of the oven after 40 minutes. The nibbles were delicious and addictive when fresh out of the oven, but I tucked them away, saving them for future salad making.

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