Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sexy Vegie at the White House Farmers' Market

Farmers' markets have been popping back up all over the District with the arrival of Spring. And The White House Farmers' Market is one to seek out, located on Vermont Avenue, between H and I Streets, NW.

Once a Thursday evening market, the markets hours have been switched to 11:30am to 2pm, for the downtown lunch crowd. This means that there are less produce stands than in the past. (And sadly, my favorite pickle purveyors are no longer in attendance.) But what the market lacks in fresh-from-the-farm offerings, they are making up in food vendors. Including the DC debut of a 100% vegan food stand, Sexy Vegie!

Somehow Sexy Vegie, a Baltimore-based food truck operation, was off my radar. I've tried them twice now at the White House market, where they set up a table and portable grill sans truck. The food stand offers sandwiches, salads, herbal tea, and a hummus side.

My favorite so far has been the spicy vegan bahn mi (see below). I also tried their signature chickpea burger, the Sexy Vegie. Both were satisfying, albeit messy, hot meals for cool April days. I recommend the park benches of nearby McPherson Square to devour these vegan sandwiches.

Vegan Bahn Mi
Sexy Vegie Signature Chickpea Burger

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