Saturday, April 12, 2014

Green smoothies from Mayim's Vegan Table for April

Green smoothies
Mayim's Vegan Table is this month's VegCookbook Club selection. This celebrity cookbook, written by Mayim Bialik and Dr. Jay Gordon, may be another one that I experience virtually. My local libraries have copies of her parenting book but not this new culinary volume. (I might have to take up showrooming, if only we had some browsable bookstores remaining in DC.)

You can find the first chapter of the cookbook free on Bialik's website. And our VegCookbook Club leader Britt Bravo has sleuthed recipes around the Internet. That's how I came to try this green smoothie recipe. A whole avocado made these drinks super creamy and satisfying. I used spinach for the greens. This is the perfect smoothie to fuel blossom peeping, DC's current spring obsession.
April blossoms

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