Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dangerously Delicious Tofu Curry Pie

Tofu Curry Pie 
Baltimore-born Dangerously Delicious Pies now has a third DC location, at 675 I Street NW in Chinatown. My doctor's office used to be on this quiet block, close to bustling 7th Street. The facade of the new pie shop is unassuming, although they do have an awesome welcome mat. Inside you'll find a small, clean space with: a counter, display cases, a restroom, and limited seating (four window stools).

There was a modest lunch-time crowd when I visited. And some folks wandered in off the street just to express their pro-pie opinions. (The staff must get that a lot.) It seems like the cold pie sales happen quickly but having the pie warmed-up takes a bit of time. The staff was playing peppy rockabilly music when I visited, which helps with the wait.

The handmade whole pies are cut into six impressively large slices. A savory slice comes with a green side salad and simple balsamic dressing. This combo lunch deal, priced at $7.50, is packaged in an eco-friendly box with a plastic fork. They also have bottled drinks and coffee available.
When I lived in Baltimore, I often tried to score some Dangerously Delicious pie at the Farmers' Market, but their stand always seemed to be sold out, especially for the vegan pies. At the Chinatown location, there was only one vegan pie option available, Pamela's Tofu Curry. I had to inquire, as it was unlabeled on the main chalkboard. (The menu describes it as a typically vegan pie, but it is also available with chicken. I recommend asking the staff.)
View inside the pie
The pie was tasty. The mild tofu curry was hippie-style with brown rice, onions, peppers, and cauliflower. This nicely spiced filling wasn't too heavy, although it did feature rich coconut milk. The softness of the tofu and cooked veggies worked well with the sturdy, dense crust. And I tried the red hot BBQ sauce, which seems like a winner condiment, although perhaps not for this particular pie. They also offer a green sauce, ketchup, and agave.

Currently the shop has limited lunch hours (10-4pm Mon-Sat) but plans to expand to breakfast and dinner. I do hope they have some more vegan pies in the future. And that they start using handy vegan symbols on their chalkboard.

Dangerously Delicious Pies has a popular late-night location at 1339 H Street NE and occupies a stand in the lower level of Union Station. You can also check out their roving food truck for lunch.
Welcome mat      

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