Thursday, April 11, 2013

Faux "chicken" and a pudding

Here are two more comfort food dishes from How It All Vegan!, the VegCookbook Club's current book.

Linda's Ginger "Chicken"
This wheat gluten recipe appears in the special 10th Anniversary Edition of the cookbook. However, it is also featured on the Go Vegan! app, which I reviewed (here and here). The seitan was easy to prepare and became very chewy and "meaty" in texture. It was on par with many mock meats that I've had at Chinese restaurants.

I was worried about using so much ginger (3/4 cup!) in the sauce, but the finely sliced coins did soften and took on a milder flavor. However I did think that the dish was way too salty. Both the broth and the sauce called for excessive amounts of tamari. I served this "chicken" atop quinoa with a side of roasted broccoli and mushrooms.
Faux "chicken" close-up
Sinful Chocolate Pudding
Another simple, pleasing recipe that requires only six ingredients: soft tofu, oil, sweetener, cocoa powder, salt, and vanilla. I decided to cut the oil and sweetener in half. (I used canola oil and brown sugar.) You could probably adjust these amounts even more to taste.

The photo below is of the just blended pudding before it had a chance to chill. Cold, creamy, and chocolaty, this recipe fulfilled all of my pudding requirements. My boyfriend said he could eat about six bowls.


Anonymous said...

I've been out of town and haven't done any real cooking for a couple of days. I've also not been contributing much to the VegCookbook Club. You've inspired me with these two recipes! I'm eager to give them a try. The pudding looks particularly good to me!

Lydia Paterson said...

Yes, that tofu pudding is simple to whip up and delicious.

Babette said...

Your chicken dish looks pretty amazing. I wish I had that recipe, but I don't have the 10th anniversary edition. I don't think I would have dared adding 3/4 ginger!!

Sarah Kramer's puddings are usually pretty awesome.