Wednesday, October 24, 2012

VeganMoFo inspired...Scramble Tofu Breakfast Bahn Mi

Here's another VeganMoFo inspired creation. I wanted to try out this recipe by Terry Hope Romero, recently recommended by Isa Chandra Moskowitz on the Post Punk Kitchen blog. I love bahn mi sandwiches and tofu scrambles, so this seemed like a winner combo.

The Scramble Tofu Breakfast Bahn Mi has an elaborate recipe. (As my boyfriend often puts it, "Sandwiches don't make themselves.") I skipped the pickle step, as I couldn't find daikon or star anise at my local markets. I also changed up the spices, making it a more Indian-style scramble, with some garam masala in the mix. And I went with thin slices for the veggies, rather than matchsticks, as I've got crappy knife skills.

Despite my changes, the resulting sandwiches were unique and satisfying. I made them for dinner rather than breakfast, which was good because they were dinner-sized, super messy, and food coma-inducing. If I make this style of sammie again, I would skip the vegan mayo, as the bahn mi seemed saucy enough with the tofu scramble juices and chili garlic sauce.
Bahn mi close-up

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