Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grind House smoothie and wraps

I know I should stop blogging about Baltimore, as I have moved to DC now, but I have to add Grind House Juice Bar & Market to the VeganMoFo excitement. Last month I finally stopped by this new vegan spot, located at 2441 St. Paul Street, after seeing their colorful postcard flyers all over town. It was pouring rain that day but the juice bar was dry and welcoming. 
The "market"portion of Grind House is small, with just a few shelves of veggie food and natural products. However the juice bar menu is overwhelming large and they have a full display case of to-go foods. I drank a "Sweet Greens" smoothie in their lounge. The smoothie was a expert blend of apple, cucumber, celery, kale, and ginger. I also purchased an artfully arranged take-away tray of delicious coconut seaweed wraps that featured millet. (How clever to use nori for more than sushi! I want to wrap all sorts of things in it now.) Grind House is about a 15 minute walk from Penn Station in Baltimore and well worth the stroll, even in the rain. They also play great music and offer free Wi-Fi.    

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