Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busboys and Poets sandwich fix

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I braved the elements to visit Busboys and Poets, 2021 14th Street NW, for lunch. We used to be regulars at the Busboys location at 5th & K. Now we live closer to the restaurant's original location at 14th & V, which I love for its Teaching For Change Bookstore. In general, this location always seems much busier than our old "BBP." Even during the storm, the dining area was crowded with a strong laptop contingent.  

Busboys' menu has grown in the year since we last visited. It is great to see that they've added loads of vegan items. We started our meal with greens. On the left is my bowl of kale. This simple, garlicky side would pair well with anything and made a nice alternative to the salad options. On the right is my boyfriend's house salad. He said the mixed greens weren't as choice as they have been in the past.
Next we ordered sandwiches. On the left is a new menu item: the vegan tuna salad sandwich. The "tuna salad" was a mash-up of chickpeas, relish, nori, carrots, celery, and red onions. It tasted fresh and rather wholesome, with no processed fake meat products. On the right is the veggie burger which was much tastier than its past incarnations. It is a spicy lentil-based burger that is served with arugula, avocado, and tomato. Of course, the cinnamony sweet potato fries stole the show. And the vegan mayo was abundant.    
Finally, I noticed that Busboys has branded organic ketchup now. It is a "store brand," manufactured by Red Gold in Indiana. My boyfriend prefers Heinz but I thought this ketchup did the trick. The restaurant didn't have any hot sauce on the tables, but maybe it is reserved for their brunch menu. Sadly, we had no room for dessert. Busboys carries Vegan Treats.  

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