Friday, October 12, 2012

Free book exchange with your falafel

This morning I got an email announcement that one of my favorite Baltimore used bookstores, Salamander Books, was closing. DC also has very few used or local bookstores remaining, especially downtown. It's sad to see these bookish community outposts vanish. 

Imagine my delight the other night, when grabbing a falafel at Old City Café in Adams Morgan, I spotted this small book exchange.  Organized by The District Dynamos, these small shelves are near the counter, perfect for browsing while you wait for your order. I do hope this is a growing trend for cafés and other casual restaurants. I know this book exchange will prompt me to return to Old City with a few books to donate. And while there, I'm sure to buy a falafel. (My new neighborhood has falafel options galore. I'm eager to review them all.)   

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