Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pineapple "boat" at Kanlaya

One of my mainstay restaurants in DC is Kanlaya Thai Cuisine, located at 740 6th Street NW, in Chinatown. Kanlaya has always had a veg-friendly menu. Sadly, they seem to have done away with their previously expansive vegetarian menu section, which made it so easy to select veggie dishes in the past. Now you have to ferret out options from a more limited full menu that jumbles together the meat, seafood, and veggie items. 
Recently I met friends for lunch at Kanlaya and ordered a vegan version of one of their "daily specials." It was a sweet and sour sautée with tofu, cashews, pineapple, and veggies. The dish was delicious and had a show stopper presentation: served in a half pineapple "boat." It came with a side of white rice. (No brown rice option available yet.)

Kanlaya also has an impressive drinks menu--now taking up the whole opposite side of their downsized food menu. They have several good beer options (Allagash, Victory, Bells, etc.), not just your standard Singha or skunky Heineken.

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