Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VeganMoFo: Beets

This is my first post for VeganMoFo. I'm excited to be involved in this project and see what the rest of vegankind is up to this month. This is my first go at blogging, so it may take me some tries to get up to speed.

Tonight I grated raw beets for the first time to put on our daily huge salads. Beets are so strikingly colorful. We have a nice bunch from my parent's farm. When I was home last my Mom made borscht that was the bomb. I took a photo on my Dad's camera and should try to get a copy to insert here. We also had burritos again, trying to get through our endless supply of fresh sweet corn. I'm sure we'll sigh over these days in a month's time and all through the dark produce-less days ahead.

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