Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Smoothies

Inspired by the Crazy Sexy Kitchen Project blog, I decided to try and complete the excellent smoothies chapter in Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Unlike Brooke, I don't have the stamina to cook the entire cookbook, but one chapter I can handle. (Especially, a no-cook chapter.) It's a mini CSK Project: Smoothies.

I've already made four of the inventive and tasty recipes. Here are two more smoothies. I have three more yet to attempt. And I want to experiment with the basic nut/seed milk recipe also included in this chapter. (I just have to score some cheesecloth or a nut milk bag.)
Strawberry Fields Smoothie
It's hard not to sing The Beatles' song while making this smoothie. It calls for three types of fruit: strawberries, orange, and banana mixed with spinach and non-dairy milk. I didn't have a lemon on hand, so I added the zest from the orange. (FYI: Zesting an orange makes so much healing citrus aroma. Totally sinus clearing.) The orange didn't overpower the summery strawberry transfusion. I used frozen berries here because it is winter but I can't wait to make this drink from fresh berries, come late-May or June.  
Vanilla Mystic
Boy, this is a white smoothie. Creamy and sweet but so white, with only vanilla and a sweetener giving it a slight hue. I used almond milk as the main liquid. Also I couldn't find a young coconut to crack, so I went with the soaked cashew option. I did find raw coconut butter--so rich! This smoothie already seemed like a quasi-dessert but the coconut butter took it full decadence.

I can't imagine drinking this concoction daily. However, it'd make a good gateway recipe for skeptics who think that blended drinks are nasty or "too-healthy" tasting. You could slowly add berries and greens once they're hooked on the mystic.

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