Friday, January 25, 2013

In a mood for curry

Here are two unique curried items that I made from Crazy Sexy Kitchen, the VegCookbook Club book for January. I scored a bottle of curry powder at our local Japanese market last fall and hadn't cracked it open yet. Luckily, this cookbook offered up some novel ideas.
Curried Nada-Egg with Watercress Wraps
Perhaps this recipe wasn't written for me, as I haven't had a hankering for the egg salad sandwiches of my pre-vegan childhood. However I did love the peppery watercress and the zippy curry flavor in the tofu spread. Of course, the wrap also involves a mega-dose of Vegenaise and Dijon mustard. I added a wee bit of red onion, in addition to the green onions. (Maybe some garlic would work in this mix?) The recipe made loads and would be suitable for summer picnics in the park.
Curried Cashews
This was my first snack recipe from the book. I used my oven and the cashews smelled divine when roasting. However I'm not sure if they turned out as crispy as a dehydrator might have achieved. Either way, they are an oniony, salty, and currylicious treat. A good backpack stash.

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