Monday, August 6, 2012

Liquid Earth rocks!

I don't know why it took me so long to visit Liquid Earth, one of Baltimore's most beloved veggie spots, located at 1626 Aliceanna Street. My boyfriend and I finally made it to this Fell's Point restaurant for lunch last weekend. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially from their rather busy website, but I was looking forward to sampling the highly acclaimed juices and smoothies. 

The actual restaurant is a relaxed environment, with houseplants, a cool antique cash register, and pressed tin ceilings. Chill music plays in the background, punctured only by the noisy blenders and juice machines. We started our lunch with drinks, including the bright red AntioxDetox, cleverly served in a pyrex measuring cup. This delicious juice truly deserved the "liquid earth" label, featuring carrots, beets, red cabbage, and apples. We also ordered a peanut butter and berries soy shake (not pictured) that was rich and filling. 
Next we had a cup of the soup of the day: veggie lentil. This was a mild, comforting Moosewood-style stew. I loved the creative positioning of the soup spoon in the crusty sesame brown bread. Finally we had two excellent sandwiches. The vegan reuben, with tangy sauerkraut, tofu, and onions on rye bread. And the TLT--tempeh, lettuce, and tomato--on multigrain. This sandwich came with an artsy side salad that was almost too pretty to eat. Overall, I though the food presentation was strikingly inventive, especially for a relaxed lunch. The food itself was colorful and vibrant to match. I'll definitely return again to Liquid Earth, perhaps to try the many raw menu items.    

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