Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three summer highlights

Here are three quick highlight shots of late July summer excursions. I had a fine slice of tomato pie in Ocean City, New Jersey. Tomato pie is getting harder to find on the boardwalk because most places drown their pizza with cheese. However Primavera Restaurant's takeout window, located at 1102 Boardwalk, sells a nice, thin crust version with fresh basil.

Next is the vegan pistachio ice cream at New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant, 135 North 9th Street, in Philadelphia's Chinatown.  I loved the presentation of this dessert with the fortune cookie on top.

Finally, a shot of filmmaker John Waters' head and me at Baltimore's Artscape, a cool annual arts fest. This mural was located in front of The Charles Theater, our excellent, local indie movie theater. (I've spotted actual John Waters there too.)

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