Thursday, August 9, 2012

Java Green with envy

A meeting in DC this week gave me an excuse to revisit Java Green, 1020 19th Street NW, for lunch. I used to work near Java Green but didn't frequent it nearly enough. For this visit, I got an old favorite: the rice bowl special. What can I say about this rice bowl? To me, it is the perfect lunch. In fact I was enjoying it so heartily, I almost didn't notice when another patron tried to find out just what I was eating. This enviable dish features cabbage, kale, and faux chicken over red rice and yam noodles. Usually I douse it with their "Java" hot sauce, but couldn't find it amid the condiments. (Maybe some suit made off with the sauce in their briefcase? I've been tempted.) The rice bowl was delicious unadorned. 
I also got a smoothie, the "Super Green," a kicky combination of spirulina, spinach, pineapple, and banana. I'd never had spirulina in a smoothie before; this was a nice introduction. If you are visiting Java Green for the first time, I'd recommend both these menu items. Also for a weekday lunch, try to arrive before noon, when it gets super busy, or after 2pm, when the crowds die down.

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