Thursday, March 14, 2013

The brunch goes on...

Here are two new favorite recipes from Vegan Brunch, the March VegCookbook Club selection. I'm enjoying cooking from this book and hope to bake something from The Bread Basket chapter next.   
Sesame Scrambled Tofu and Greens with Yams
The other Clubbers are right; this tofu scramble is a keeper. So easy to prepare and tasty! It has a refreshing sesame flavor. (I didn't even add hot sauce.) I used dandelion greens here, as I had a spare bunch thanks to my Whole Foods snafu. The greens really cooked down and were tender and sweet. The yams were also super sweet and complimented the garlicky tofu. I did use tamari instead of soy sauce and totally forgot to add the ginger.
Chorizo Sausages
Made with mashed beans and vital wheat gluten, these chorizo sausages were like some that I prepared last year. (They don't photograph well.) Above are two sausages fresh out of the steamer. These sausages have a spicy, tomatoey exterior with a lemony, chewy interior. The sausages develop an even firmer texture when they're cooked. I halved the recipe and still had plenty of chorizo. I used some of the links as a side for the tofu scramble (top) and others as a "meaty" pizza topping. Here's how they looked when sliced and sautéed:

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