Thursday, March 21, 2013

A sweet brunch and a spinach smoothie

Continuing on the Vegan Brunch bandwagon, I decided to copycat Britt from the VegCookbook Club blog and make this sweet, egg-free take on French toast. Next week I'll have to offset this sugar kick with something savory from the cookbook.
Banana Rabadana (Brazilian French Toast)
I don't normally make French toast because I never have stale bread on hand. But I lucked out, finding a stale loaf at my local natural food store. The baguette label listed whole wheat as an ingredient too, although after white bread flour. So I'm pretending this dessert is slightly healthy.

The banana custard was easy to blend up and smelled strongly like baby food. Toasting the dipped bread on the skillet was harder, but I didn't use a nonstick skillet. (My trusty cast iron was too wee for the job.) I also over-dusted the crispy toast with cocoa powder and cinnamon. So trust me, there was toast under that spice layer.

The rabadana tasted sweet and rich, especially when paired with fruit and the sweet cashew cream (below). I guess this dish traditionally uses a port wine syrup. That would definitely add a tangy kick. Perhaps you could just serve it with a glass of port?    
Just blended cashew cream
Sweet Cashew Cream
Here's a close-up of the creamy topping that I added to the French toast plate above. It's a simple blend of soaked cashews, almond milk, maple syrup, and vanilla. I added cinnamon, a suggested variation. The cream firmed up a little in the fridge but I only refrigerated it for a few hours, not overnight.

P.S. Here's a belated photo of my St. Patrick's Day green smoothie. I simply took my dandelion smoothie recipe and swapped spinach for the dandy greens. A fine Sunday detox drink.
And a spinach smoothie for luck

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