Friday, November 21, 2008

Richmond, VA trip

Well back from a trip to Richmond, where I was planning to run a marathon. Ended up convalescing in the hotel instead. I could see the race from our room with a view. I did make it out for one meal to a real destination spot. A vegan buffet called Panda Veg. My boyfriend is a huge fan. It isn't the greatest Chinese food ever but it is all vegan, all-you-can eat. Enough said. (I'm surprised Philly's Chinatown doesn't offer similar.) Here are some photos of the buffet score.

We also had to-go orders from two other veg-friendly spots in Richmond. Harrison Street Coffee shop had great sandwiches and blondies. (Sadly, they didn't photo well. Full disclosure: I ate too fast take a decent photo.) Also, I finally tried Sticky Rice's Dirty Vegan takeout with cute sake bottle. I'm eager to try out the D.C. Sticky Rice location in the flesh, once my foot heals up.

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