Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Booze and burgers at Sticky Fingers

In my previous post I endorsed the new liquor license at Sticky Fingers Sweet and Eats, which I sampled last month in the form of a mudslide (above). Here's the lowdown on that drink. The mudslide was a blend of vodka, Kahlúa, So Delicious, and chocolate syrup. It was an enjoyable, messy treat and a super-sweet cocktail.

I was less impressed with Sticky Fingers' beer selection. So far they seem to carry only two seasonal beers--Anderson Valley from CA and Founders from MI. While these are two respectable microbrews, I find it sad that there are no local options, especially knowing that DC is having a beer renaissance. Sticky Fingers has employed the excellent DC Brau in their stout cupcakes. Why not offer it up on the drinks menu too? (The café also carries wine but I'm a beer advocate, not a wine enthusiast, so can't offer opinions there.)

Asian burger
To balance out the boozy mudslide, my boyfriend and I revisited Sticky Fingers' burger options. We tried the Asian burger (top) and the Texas burger (bottom). Both featured Gardein's beefless burgers, which I had not experienced before. The Gardein patty provided a thick, "meaty" consistency but didn't have much flavor on its own. In terms of toppings, I preferred the slaw and aioli on the Asian burger to the the Daiya, tempeh, and ranch on the Texas burger. I also put Sriracha on the Asian burger, natch. The Lyon Bakery buns were very sturdy and I enjoyed the open-faced presentation.

Texas burger
Finally, we split a side of the sweet potato fries, a new menu item. These were a great burger accompaniment, affordable and nicely portioned. Plus, I love getting fast food in colorful baskets. It's another cheap thrill for vegans.

For these offerings and more, visit 1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC. It looks like Sticky Fingers is even planning a special New Year's Day brunch. I hope there are cocktails and sauerkraut.

Sweet potato fries

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