Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brunch spot: Meridian Pint

Curried Tofu Scramble
DC is loaded with brunch spots, although few of them are vegan-friendly. I've posted about Smoke and Barrel, which has a brunch buffet with vegan options. Here is a report from their sister restaurant, Meridian Pint. Located at 3400 11th ST NW, Meridian Pint is about a block from Sticky Fingers, (another extremely popular and all-vegan option for weekend brunch). Meridian Pint was busy when we visited, with strollers parking up the front entrance. However, they didn't have a 30-minute wait or a line stretching out the door. With two spacious floors and large front windows, the restaurant's interior also didn't feel too crowded.  
Grilled Tofu Sandwich with Sweet Potato Wedges
I got the curried tofu scramble (top), a solid version of a typical brunch dish. It came with some excellent roasted potatoes and a boring cup of cubed melon. My boyfriend ordered a regular menu item: the grilled tofu sandwich (above). This tofu sandwich was similar to a bahn mi with lightly grilled, creamy tofu topped with pickled cucumbers, carrots, and daikon. Plus, they added a mild sesame sauce and sprouts. 

The dark objects that appear on the side of the baguette are sweet potato wedges. These wedges were odd--with a soft, sweet interior and crunchy, bitter exterior. I've had them before and this blackened-style seems to be overdone on purpose. Dousing them with Cholula hot sauce (available upon request), helped with the burnt flavor.  

Sadly, we didn't order any American craft beer, which is Meridian Pint's true specialty. We did sit under a big WPA-style mural, proclaiming, "Beer is Proof that God Lives." We'll have to return and examine the evidence closely.

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