Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick smoothie tip

Freeze your bananas in chunks for easier blending and portion management.

I went home for the holiday weekend and was making smoothies with my parents. My Dad gave me a whole frozen banana for the blend and I was taken aback. Surely, he knows to chunk up his smoothie bananas?

I picked up this habit because I don't have a powerful blender. These smaller pieces of frozen banana are easier to cream into submission. Plus, I can portion out managed amounts for single or double batches.

What are your smoothie tips?


tinajoan said...

Not only is this great for portion control, but I hate trying to peel the banana skin off when they are frozen. My poor fingers, which are already always cold, can't handle it! I love this piece of advice because I usually take the bananas out of the freezer and submerge them in a hot water bath to get the skin off easier. Which is a mess, creates more dishes, and is also a total nuisance. Clearly, peeling and cutting beforehand is the superior method! I'll be sure to employ it in the future!

I really like cherries in my smoothies and the first time I froze them, I left the stems and seeds in. Once again, my fingers bemoaned my carelessness as I tried getting the stem off and seed out while they were frozen! Not only were they super cold, but they were really into rolling away from me. I remove the stem, pit them, and then place in ziplock bags for freezing now. Lessons learned the hard way!

Lydia Paterson said...

A little advance prep saves loads of time, especially for morning smoothies!