Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A giant meal at Golden West Cafe

Last weekend we dined at The Golden West Cafe, a veg-friendly spot in Hampden, located at 1105 West 36th Street. What a large, spacious restaurant. It felt like one of those family-friendly warehouse chains, only with more punk rock, indie cred. And they had giant portions to match the space! We started our meal with a bucket of coin-shaped tots, served with BBQ sauce and a rich tahini dressing. Also we had a rather banal salad.
Our mains were the tasty BBQ riblet sandwich--with the greatest vegan cole slaw ever--and the spicy, saucy vegan burrito. Sadly, as is too often the case, we had no room leftover for any vegan desserts. Plus, I had already scored a vegan chocolate bar just down the street at Ma Petite Shoe, a shoe store with a jaw-dropping selection of artisan chocolate.    

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