Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 Stars Brewing Company and Roscoe's Pizzeria

Here's another brewery excursion report. 3 Stars Brewing Company may be the last stop on the DC beer tour that my friends and I have embarked on this summer. That is, until the highly anticipated Atlas Brew Works and Bluejacket open their doors. Our local Citypaper has an upcoming event where hired limos will shuttle beer enthusiasts around to all the DC breweries and to two Virginia breweries. To me that feels like cheating. I've enjoyed the journey of getting to each local brewery afoot and by public transit. The beer tastings taste better when you've properly "earned" them in DC's sweltering summer heat. 

Another nondescript brewery entrance
Located at 6400 Chillum Place NW, 3 Stars Brewing Company is a solid mile walk from the Takoma Park Metro station. It's mostly a residential path, along Eastern Avenue, a boundary street that divides the District from Maryland. The exterior of the brewery's warehouse is rather nondescript except for a small banner. Inside is a cavernous space, filled with brewing equipment (although far less than DC Brau). 3 Stars self-distributes its beer in kegs (sixtels) only, so there is no canning operation or bottling works. The building also houses a small homebrew shop, which was very inviting and inspirational.

Interior mural

In addition to four tastings, 3 Stars Brewing Company offered free water stations and snack-size chips when we visited. To me, this was ample proof of their genius. The brewery tours happen on Saturdays at 2 and 3pm. My friends and I caught the early tour, given by co-owner Dave Coleman. It was an entertaining, humorous tour that included a restaging of the original homebrew operation that started the company. From Coleman, we learned that 3 Stars uses no fining processes, which is great news for vegans.

As for the beer itself, my favorite was Two The Dome, a hoppy Double IPA. The Citra & Lemon Peel Saison and Peppercorn Saison were both unique and nicely spiced. The Movement was a tasty and flavorful American Pale Ale. You can find 3 Stars brews all over the District.  

The Vegan Roscoe
We followed up this brewery tour with some pizza. Above is a pizza from Roscoe's Pizzeria, located in Takoma Park, Maryland, not far from the Metro station. We ordered the "Roscoe," an excellent pie made vegan with Daiya cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and red peppers. Sadly, because it is in Maryland, Roscoe's doesn't sell 3 Stars' beers. It would be cool if the Takoma Park's City Council could bend that rule, seeing as how the brewery is so close.

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