Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kale-chi from Number 1 Sons

I've found a new summer love at our neighborhood farmers' market, 14th & U Farmers' Market. A pickle stand has arrived on the Saturday morning scene. (Making some amends for the sore loss of the mushroom vendor). Number 1 Sons, a family-run operation, offers a variety of barrel fermented favorites, including one I've never heard of before.

"What do you want pickled?"
Behold, kale-chi, a kimchi that features kale. What a great idea! Number 1 Sons' tumblr page asks, "What do you want pickled?" Kale is an awesome answer to that question because it is a nutritional rockstar. Kale-chi is a delightful take on classic kimchi. It's nice to have locally-made kimchi without fish sauce or shrimp in it too. This spicy, crunchy pickled dish is excellent as a condiment or eaten straight out of its tub. I even put it on my salads for kicks.

Number 1 Sons' products are available at farmers' markets and in stores around DC and VA. I'm eager to try more of their offerings, including their kraut and salsa. Plus, the majority of their fermented foods are vegan. (The "Kimchi Cukes" do contain honey.)


breathelighter said...

This looks wonderful. Im not familiar with the brand, and it may not be on the West Coast...but I'll be looking for it and asking. :-)

Lydia Paterson said...

I think Number 1 Sons pickles are only available in DC and Virginia now. But it'd be great if they made it national someday.